Want To Know Why To Wear Sunscreen? Hugh Jackman does.

Hugh Jackman has a warning for all sun seekers!

Hugh Jackman, best known for his role as Wolverine, has gone through another health scare, one that, with the right precautions, you may be able to avoid.  Hugh posted a video on Twitter to say that the results of his latest skin cancer biopsy came back inconclusive.

“Update on my biopsy. It came back inconclusive. The worst it can be is a Basel Cell Carcinoma (BCC) which is very treatable. When I’m done filming it’ll be rechecked. I know I’m repeating myself but … please get a skin check and wear sunscreen. Thank you all for the support.”

Along with his continuing fun-filled feud with Ryan Reynolds, Jackman can be seen in theatres next week with the release of his new sci-fi thriller Reminiscense.