WARNING: Kids Should Not Be Watching Squid Game!

Now you tell me, LOL!

My 11-year-old has seen the recently released South Korean Thriller which has now become Netflix’s biggest series. 



My kid watched it one Sunday afternoon when I was not paying attention.  Yes, I did not monitor what he was watching, assuming that my 11-and-a-half year old was watching something age-appropriate.  

If you’ve heard about this show, but aren’t sure what it’s about, let me tell you!



Squid Game takes place on a remote island where people are forced to play childhood games like tug of war, red light-green light, and one specific to Korea — squid game. They are playing a deadly game to win a $38 million cash prize. The nine-episode series chronicles the games and the losers who are immediately gunned down and tortured in bloody and violent ways.

The rating on the show is TV-MA, meaning for a mature audience.   The 17-A rating beens that viewers should expect mature language, scenes of sexuality and violence and yes, Squid Game has it all…



Some school boards have gone as far as to send home letters to parents telling them NOT to allow their kids to watch the new show on Netflix. 



Viewer discretion is strongly advised!