The Average Person Wastes About 26 Days A Year, On Hold, Surfing TV Channels and Waiting For A Coffee To Brew!

It's not always our fault!

Based on a new poll, we waste on average, 1 hour and 43 minutes every day waiting around for something. This amounts to 12 hours a week or more than 624 hours- nearly four weeks a year. 


56 percent of people admit they should be more productive with their time, but after work, dealing with kids and cooking, they are simply too tired.  That said, about 60% of people attempted to reduce the amount of time they spend being unproductive.


The study also found the average adult finds themselves with nothing to do three times a day, with a lack of motivation the biggest reason for being unproductive.

Others find it too easy to waste time on their phone or watching TV instead while many people don’t know how they want to better spend their time.



It also emerged that 70 percent of those polled, via OnePoll, think it is important to learn new skills to keep life exciting.



And when it comes to goals for 2022, prioritizing personal growth, bettering themselves and pursuing personal dreams and ambition came top for one in four.



This even ranked ahead of travelling and just behind eating better and spending more time with friends and family.



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1.            Being on hold

2.            Waiting in a queue

3.            Sitting in traffic

4.            Trying to ring the Doctor’s surgery

5.            Waiting for a delivery to arrive

6.            Commuting

7.            Scrolling social media / Amazon Prime and TV channels

8.            Waiting for laundry to finish

9.            Getting served in a restaurant

10.          Waiting for a cup of tea to brew