Four Things You Will Regret Wasting Your Time On When You’re Older!

Any regrets?

Here are four things we regret wasting time on as we get older.


1.  Not asking for help.  Studies have found asking people for help and advice actually makes you seem smarter, not dumber.  You don’t need to figure everything out on your own.




2.  Trying to make bad relationships work.  Putting your time in on a good relationship is worth it.  But we spend huge chunks of our lives trying to fix bad ones.  Which ends up wasting both people’s time.





3.  Worrying too much about other people.  Whether it’s what they think of you, or just being jealous of stuff they have that you want.  We tend to focus a lot of our energy on other people instead of ourselves.






4.  Dwelling on your mistakes and shortcomings.  Learning from them is great.  But dwelling on them just wastes time and messes with your self-esteem.  And it can hold you back by making you too afraid to fail.