Ways to Live to 100 and Have Fun While Doing It!

diet and an emphasis on friendship.

Longevity experts from the blue zone know what they’re talking about!

Residents of the Blue Zone, are regions where the average life expectancy is higher than the rest of the world. These lucky people swear by, plant-based diets, happy hour and friendship.

Regions in Italy, Japan and Greece are just some of the world’s Blue Zones, where people are ten times more likely to live to 100 than the average American.

While we’re often told what diets and habits are the key to healthy aging, take it from these centenarians whose remarkably long and vigorous lives speak for themselves.

Go to Happy Hour!

Take a Load Off-Stress negatively Impacts Health

Eat Plant-based 

The 80% rule-You’ve heard of the 80/20 rule — eating nutritious items most of the time, while reserving that extra 20% for indulgences — but those in the Blue Zone abide by a different guideline: eating to only 80% fullness.

Move more– It’s no surprise that movement and exercise contribute to a healthier life…

Find Your Friends

Prioritize loved ones-In that same vein, spending more time with family and loved ones is key to living a long life. According to GQ, those who lived the longest often resided near parents or grandparents, had a life partner and spent intentional time with their kids, if they had any.

Build a community! Find a way to feel like you belong!

Have a Purpose! Commonly referred to as your “why,” finding your purpose in life is important for life expectancy.