Ways To Lose Weight With Little Effort!

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If you could slim down with little to no exercise, would you? Of course, who wouldn’t? 


Here are some lazy ways to weight loss.


Get Jiggy!

Sex is said to be a pretty solid workout depending on how long it lasts.  Men are believed to lose up to 101 calories in a session, while women burn roughly 69.


Snooze to Lose
People who caught an extra hour of sleep a night ate 270 fewer calories in two weeks, the University of Chicago found. That adds up to more than 7,000 calories – or 27 Big Macs – a year.


Give Gaming A Go!
Playing video games for just three minutes reduced cravings for snacks by 24 percent, according to a Plymouth University study. It can also stop urges for booze and cigarettes, so it is a win-win.


Stay Hydrated
You burn up to third more calories for an hour after drinking a glass of water, says US research. Another study found women who consumed an extra litre of water a day lost up to 4.4lb in a year.

Stressed women have bigger waistlines than those who eat the same but are chilled. The stress hormone cortisol is believed to cause fat to gather around internal organs. So take a deep breath and flop on the sofa.


Avoid Junk Food
You are more likely to eat a low-calorie snack like an apple if it is closer to you than high-calorie treats, says a US study.  Chuck out or hide unhealthy food and put the fruit bowl within arm’s reach.


Don’t Cook
A raw food diet is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. But scientists said it was not recommended to eat uncooked fruit and veggies long-term.


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Turn the Lights Off
You are 33 percent more likely to be obese if you fall asleep in front of a lamp or TV, says a study in JAMA Internal Medicine. So turn off the TV!


Ditch The Diet Drinks
People who have a can of Diet Coke a day gain four times the weight than those who do not, the University of Texas says. The sweetener is thought to make the brain crave high-cal foods.


Burn a Candle
If you always crave something sweet after dinner, the smell of dessert alone could ward off hunger. A study from St George’s Hospital, London, found people who wore vanilla-scented patches were able to say no to afters more than those who didn’t.