We Are Getting A Silk Sonic Album Early Next Year!


‘We’ve got the bones of most of the album, so it’s really about touching up parts that need a little more… grease’



Fans waiting anxiously for a full Silk Sonic release featuring the smooth stylings of collaborators Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak are in for some good news.



After following up their March 2021 debut single “Leave The Door Open” at the end of July with the summertime jam “Skate,” Mars and .Paak have revealed that the debut Silk Sonic full length, An Evening With Silk Sonic, will arrive in early 2022, after postponing the planned fall 2021 release.



Mars tells Rolling Stone the duo would like to release more tracks as singles to let each be properly appreciated. “I don’t want to be binge-watched,” Mars says. “We’re really in the touch-up mode now,” he adds, revealing they are still finishing up final tweaks on the recordings.



The Silk Sonic release will be the first full collection of songs featuring Bruno Mars since his hit 2016 album, 24K Magic