We Aren’t Washing Our Coats Enough!

When was the last time you washed your winter wear?

A recent study found that one in five people washed their winter jackets once a year, with 17% admitting they never washed their outerwear at all…

While the winter in Central Ontario has been mild so far, the winter gear is out but when did you wash it last?

While you think to yourself, it’s my outer layer- and it gets dirty anyways- what’s the point? But a laundry expert says, regardless our coats will be affected by the weather, getting wet in the rain, and picking up pollutants through wear over the season! 

Different coats require different Care!

Wool Coats only need to be cleaned once per season. 

Leather Coats should be cleared once to twice a year…

Quilted Jackets and Parkas…We should be washing these babies at least twice a season! 

We should also avoid stuffing our winter coats inside a closet, instead, we should be hanging them in a cold area so it can kill any bacteria and eliminate any smells from outdoors!