We Enjoy The Best Sleep At Age 24

After 24, it’s all downhill for your sleep!

Research of 2,000 adults found almost half are convinced they slept better during their youth, while only 24 percent think it has improved as they’ve gotten older. Over half of the nation says they ‘rarely’ or ‘never’ get enough sleep.



Family worries, work stresses and room temperature, either too hot or too cold, are the most common obstacles to a good night’s sleep.



According to a sleep expert, there are likely several reasons why younger people may enjoy their sleep more than older people, including the level of fitness.



It might also be possible to surmise from the findings that post 25 years of age, life becomes more stressful.



The study found 37 percent of those polled had the worst sleep of their life between the ages of 25 to 54.



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Only four percent said they got a good night’s rest when aged 45 to 54, a figure which dropped to three percent for those aged 55 and over.



One in 10 spend upwards of an hour prepping – getting their heads in the right place to sleep well.



Nearly six in 10 consider reading to be the ideal activity to help them fall asleep.



1) Family stress

2) Work stress

3) Room temperature

4) Financial worries

5) Too much screen time