We Experienced The Darkest Winter Since the 1950s, But Things Are Looking Up!

Dark winter, hot summers!

People in Ontario experienced the darkest winter in terms of solar energy since the mid-1950s… So if you’re feeling down lately- blame the solar system…

Fun Fact: Canada is the second coldest country in the world!

We should make up for that lack of Vitamin D this summer as it’s expected to be another hot one!

The latest report says most regions across Canada will experience an “unrelenting” heat, mainly felt at the end of June throughout early September with some temperatures expected to reach over 32 C.

The Prairies will be hot with above-average precipitation, and Quebec is expected to also be on fire and drier than normal temperatures.

According to the Almanac, Ontario is likely to experience more humid and soggy temperatures while B.C. and Atlantic provinces will likely have dry but seasonal temperatures.

Parts of Central Canada including the Prairies, Rockies and the Great Lakes can expect high rainfall amounts. Meanwhile, parts of Quebec and the Maritimes could experience below-normal precipitation.

These are all preliminary observations, the full summer predictions will be out in May.

In 2022, Canada recorded its third-warmest summer, with temperatures reaching 1.6 C above normal.