We First Picked Our Favour Candy At The Age Of 11!

You're never too old for candy!

Things may change, but your sweet tooth might remain the same, according to new research.


52% reported eating more candy now as adults than they ever did as kids.  That’s probably because we’re allowed to eat it now without our parent’s permission!


The majority of those polled gravitate towards snack-or “fun”-sized candies, despite the traditional wisdom that bigger is better.


While one in three prefers chewy candy the most, making it the most popular texture among respondents.


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Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of HI-CHEW, the survey also explored how the typical person approaches a “candy haul” that’s gathered during a seasonal event like Easter or Halloween.


When asked how much candy constitutes a “haul,” respondents settled on an average of 23 pieces or more. 11% of respondents still get Easter baskets as adults, and 38% admitted they envy the baskets of the younger children they celebrate with.


And even with all the trading and giving away, 38% of respondents have had to settle family arguments over who gets what goodies in their basket.


Over the years, respondents have participated in a variety of Easter activities. About half (48%) have gone on an Easter egg hunt and 42% have met and taken a photo with the Easter bunny.


Almost half (48%) have made an Easter basket for someone else, and 45% enjoy tailoring that basket to the person receiving it.