We Waste More Food Than Usual At Christmas!

I'm full already!

A poll was conducted with 2000 people who celebrate Christmas and found that over 30% admit to wasting more food than usual over the holidays.

Many people find it difficult to judge just how much they need to see them through.

But in a bid to curb the amount of food which gets chucked away, 35 percent are going to force down foods they don’t particularly like.

While 38 percent will be giving leftovers for their guests to take home with them, and 41 percent will try to get creative in the kitchen to use up their leftovers. The most common leftovers are potatoes and carrots.


  1. Take time to plan, consider how many people you’re cooking for, how many meals you’ll prepare, and factor in some that will be perfect for the leftovers from your Christmas meal.
  2. Store items in the freezer throughout December that you can use on Christmas – such as bread for bread sauce or veg peelings to make stock and gravy.
  3. Buying your fruit and vegetables individually, not only helps in reducing packaging waste you can buy the exact quantities that you need.
  4. If struggling to work out quantities per person, estimate as follows:
  5. Green vegetables: large handful per person
  6. Roots (carrots/parsnips): two per person
  7. Potatoes: one large potato per person
  8. Leftovers from the main meal can be blitzed gently in a food processor (think roasted carrots, parsnips and potatoes, along with some of the turkey) then combined with an egg formed into croquette shapes and coated with breadcrumbs. Then air fry until crispy for a tasty boxing day nugget, perfect for dipping into the leftover gravy.