The Best Foods For Leftovers!

What’s for dinner? Stress, according to new research.

A new survey of 2,000 people found 56% said getting asked “what’s for dinner” is one of the most stressful things they’ll encounter in a day.



The study found that peoples’ weekly diet generally consists of five home-cooked meals, three leftover meals, three takeout meals and three meals out at restaurants. (When they were open)



Almost half of the respondents said they’ll turn to leftovers because it’s just easier than having to cook. The survey found 61% of people are chowing down on leftovers more than ever since the pandemic started.



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What makes a good leftover meal? Over half said a key factor is how recently the food was made, followed by how it smells and where the food is from.



With this in mind, there are a number of ways to best reheat leftovers – and 41% of respondents said reheating ability is a key factor that would incentivize them to eat more leftovers.  There are about 12% of people who won’t eat leftovers ever!



  1. Soup/stew (79%)
  2. Pizza (63%)
  3. Meat (62%)
  4. Pasta (60%)
  5. Rice (55%)
  6. Vegetables (54%)
  7. Chinese food takeout (53%)
  8. Roasted potatoes (52%)
  9. Sandwiches (47%)
  10. Tuna salad (47%)