Well Over Half Of People Will Put Off Seeing A Doctor For An Issue That Makes Them Feel Old

It’s important to know that you’re never too young to get your health checked out.

More than 60% of people admit they have no idea when to see the doctor for their first cholesterol check. FYI, you’re supposed to get your first cholesterol check at age 35.


You should see a urologist at age 40, however, most men admit they don’t see a doc about their…man area until 43.


Less than 40% of men asked in this survey knew that they needed to get their first prostate examination at 55, although some experts are recommending that men should be checked at 45-years-old.

Conducted in honour of Men’s Health Month, the study also revealed nearly seven in 10 respondents “dropped the ball” on their health in the past year by putting off scheduled appointments they know are important to their health.


Vnity may play a role in deferring checkups as well, as results also revealed that 62% of respondents were more likely to put off seeing a doctor for an issue that made them feel “old.”