Wendy’s Is Changing The Recipe ForIts French Fries Next Month

Remember when McDonald's changed its recipe?

There is nothing more disappointing than soggy fries!


While there are many reasons to love Wendy’s, one complaint the fast-food chain often receives, even from their most dedicated customers, is about the sogginess of their fries. Now that is all about to change. Starting in mid-September, the chain will begin selling a new french fry that is crispier.

Luckily, Wendy’s is claiming they have discovered the solution, potentially putting an end to soggy french fries forever. The fast-food chain recently announced they will be changing their fries so they remain crispy and hot longer than their predecessor.



According to CNN, this is the first time Wendy’s has changed their fries since November 2010. If the new fry works, expect a new fast-food war by the end of 2021.