We’re Washing Our Hair Wrong!


It’s a simple task that most people do several times a week.

It doesn’t seem to be too hard or difficult, but after decades of doing it, we all should be experts.

However, you, I and all of us are wrong, according to one hairdresser.

TikTok user and former hairdresser @kamikirschbaum has taken to the social media platform to reprimand viewers for their less than optimal washing skills. According to the expert, simply rubbing shampoo onto your hair won’t cut it. 

Her TikTok video shows us how to not do it, then how to do it right!

She says the trick is to scrub your hair using your fingertips! She insists we should scrub our scalp with our finger tips to ensure we are getting to the root of the dirt.

She also points out that we are often missing an area of our head which is the back of the scalp towards your neck!

The TikTok video has been viewed millions of times with other hairdressers joining in on the debate to acknowledge that the problem is more common that people realize.

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