Whale Vomit Is the Key to the Most Luxurious Fragrances

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Whale, you’ll never believe what makes certain perfumes and colognes smell so good.

A rare, waxy material called ambergris — known as “floating gold,” it’s something of a treasure in the fragrance industry — can elevate the scents and notes of a perfume or cologne.

According to perfumer and owner of Chemin, “It enhances the longevity and depth of the fragrances that it’s added to.”

Ambergris is produced in the digestive system of sperm whales, the largest toothed predator — which have long been listed as “endangered” under the Endangered Species Act.

In other words, ambergris is whale vomit.  

Ambergris is produced to protect the whale’s gut from sharp objects and, over time, is expelled and can be found floating in the ocean or washed ashore…

The coveted material is credited with making a perfume’s scent last longer, and its rarity makes it so expensive that it’s typically only found in higher-end, luxurious fragrances.

Harvesting ambergris is generally considered an ethical practice since it’s collected after it has naturally exited the whale’s body, with no contact or harm to the animal.

The stuff is literally liquid gold!  Due to the scarcity of the whale vomit, a gram is worth around $27 — and a pound could be worth over $10,000.