What Are The Lines Are For On The Red Solo Cups?

Mind Blowing!

It’s long been thought that the lines on a Solo cup were there to help measure alcohol content, but apparently that’s no why the lines are there…

The belief was that the bottom line designates the amount of one shot (1 ounce), the middle line is a serving of wine (5 ounces), and the top line is for 12 ounces of beer.

Snopes, a myth busting nerdy website noted that while those measurements do match up with some typical alcohol serving sizes, the placement of the lines on the cups wasn’t meant to act as a way to gauge serving sizes.

In fact, Solo revealed the true meaning of the lines in the Frequently Asked Questions section of its website.

The truth is: “These lines mean something different for everyone!”

Snopes previously reported that Dart Container Corporation, Solo’s parent company, said: “The lines on our Party Cups are designed for functional performance and are not measurement lines. If the lines do coincide with certain measurements, it is purely coincidental.”

In response to the rumoor that the lines were for alcohol measurements, Dart jokingly put out a graphic of “The REAL Understanding of Lines on a SOLO Cup.”

In it, they suggested measurements for cereal servings, syrup for chocolate milk, and even mouthwash.

However, today’s version of the Solo cup has no lines.