What Does Someone Do To Make you Say “Ick”?

Ew, Gross!

Online dating has opened up a whole new world of singles, which means people can afford to have higher standards.

People have become very set on what they want in a partner.

A poll of 2,000 adults found nearly half have ended a relationship because of an ‘ick’, and 56 percent have ghosted someone completely.

12 percent have called it quits with a romantic interest because they were obsessed with star signs, while 11 percent have ended it with someone who clapped when a plane landed.

A tenth of men would also happily break it off with someone who wanted to share food on a first date.

The study found that simply smelling bad is the top ‘ick’ followed by pretending to be more knowledgeable about something than they really are and being overbearing or rude.

67 percent describe themselves as at least somewhat picky when it comes to finding a partner, with 22 percent being ‘very picky’.


  1. Smelling bad
  2. Pretending to be more knowledgeable about something than they actually are
  3. Being overbearing and rude
  4. Double texting (sending a secondary text if you’ve not responded after the first one)
  5. Having bad teeth
  6. Being rude to a waiter
  7. Living in a mess
  8. Having dirty fingernails
  9. Chewing with their mouth open
  10. Being too clingy
  11. Talking too loud
  12. Eating and talking at the same time
  13. Being obsessed with their star signs
  14. Having long fingernails
  15. Putting on a baby voice
  16. Wearing too much makeup
  17. Breathing heavily
  18. Oversharing on social media
  19. Referring to themselves in third person
  20. Having a bad tattoo
  21. Wearing a weird coloured lipstick
  22. Having shoes that are too dirty
  23. Having an Instagram account for their pet
  24. Referring to their football team as ‘we’
  25. Clapping when an airplane lands
  26. Wearing bad jeans
  27. Wearing sunglasses indoors
  28. Taking longer than you to get ready
  29. Having too many shirt buttons undone
  30. Wearing shoes you don’t like
  31. Living at home with parents
  32. Not wearing socks with shoes
  33. Wanting to share food on the first date
  34. Wearing a tacky watch
  35. Using emojis in texts
  36. Wearing socks to bed
  37. Not paying on the first date
  38. Wearing creased clothes
  39. Saying pet names like ‘honey’ or ‘baby’
  40. Pronouncing David Bowie’s name wrong