What It Takes To Put Together The Perfect Burger!

Cheese, Bacon, and Lettuce, according to new research

A survey asked people to pinpoint what toppings would be included on the perfect burger.  And most agree the cheese, bacon, lettuce, raw onion and tomato are the toppings of choice.


Add those toppings to a beef patty with a sesame seed bun and you’re good to go!


Almost half say that the best condiments include ketchup and mayo to add to the “perfect burger.”  As for sides to accompany your perfect burger, 70% say fries are a necessary side.




  • Protein: beef patty, preferably thick
  • Bun: sesame seed bun (24%)
  • Toppings: cheese (48%), preferably American (34%), bacon (36%), and lettuce (34%)
  • Condiments: ketchup (46%) and mayo (43%)
  • Sides: fries (70%), cut into potato wedges (14%)