What Kevin’s Groceries Would Cost Today If He Were Still “Home Alone”

The good old days!

Kevin’s grocery store trip in “Home Alone” cost $19.83, but someone on TikTok calculated it would cost about $68 today.  

In the grocery store scene, Kevin hands a $20 bill to Sally, the store clerk, who was played by Tracy J. Connor, to pay $19.83. (That total includes a $1 off coupon for Tropicana orange juice.)

Less than $20 for all those groceries seems incredibly far-fetched in today’s economy. So, how much would a similar grocery store order cost in the U.S. in 2023, when inflation is still incredibly elevated?

First off, let’s list what Kevin bought that day.

A TV dinner, a loaf of Wonder Bread, a frozen mac and cheese, a pack of saran wrap, one-half gallon of milk, tide laundry detergent, toilet paper, a half gallon of orange juice, a pack of army men, a pack of saran wrap, and some dryer sheets for a total of $19.83. In the US it would be $68.83 which would be $93.21 Canadian!

Also, Macaulay Culkin received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with support from Catherine O’Hara.