What Makes An A-Hole An A-Hole?

Everyone knows one, perhaps you are one!

That person in your life who’s irritating, exasperating and generally unpleasant to be around. In other words, a total a**hole.


New research from the University of Georgia suggests that the “biggest **sholes” in many people’s lives are middle-aged men.


The study asked almost 400 people to think of the “biggest a**hole” in their life to assess the traits that people associate with the term. 


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Researchers found that most of the targets of the insult were viewed as manipulative, aggressive and entitled. Other A-hole traits include manipulation and irresponsibility. 


When participants were asked to name the biggest A-hole in their life, former romantic partners, old bosses and estranged family members topped the list.


One in three people said that the biggest A-hole they know is present in their lives as either a co-worker, friend or lover!