What Do Moms Really Want For Mother’s Day?

It might not be what you expect!

Ever wonder what moms really want for Mother’s Day? Well, you’re in luck! It turns out a lot of people have wondered the same thing, which has resulted in multiple surveys asking just that.

OnePoll surveyed 2,000 adults on behalf of Angara, an online retailer of fine handcrafted jewelry. The survey showed that 86% of people feel that moms are the most hardworking people they know, while 69% say they don’t get enough credit for it.

The survey also discovered that people 84% of people intend to pamper their mom on Mother’s Day, spending an average of $300 on their gifts. But that’s really not a surprise when you learn that 63% of people see their mom as a superhero who can take on any challenge and 70% say their mom is their best friend.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to pamper their superhero best friend for everything they do?

But finding the right gift can be hard to do, which explains why 75% of people just go right to asking mom what she wants on her day. And it turns out most moms (74% to be exact) are okay with that.

If asking isn’t your cup of tea, you could stick to the top gifted items, including:

  • Personalized photo frames
  • Personalized blankets
  • Chocolate
  • Edible fruit arrangements
  • New TV
  • Glass of wine

But is that what your mom really wants?

What Do Moms Really Want For Mother’s Day?

The same OnePoll survey showed that 62% of moms said they have received a present that they pretended to like for past Mother’s Day. This included items like a plant, mud flaps, and dish towels.

When asked which Mother’s Day gifts were the best they received, respondents said things like:

  • Having the house cleaned
  • Having dinner made
  • Receiving a handwritten poem

29% of foodie moms, who love to eat, snack, and try new foods, said they would want edible gifts, while 27% voted for a getaway.

Sporty moms who spend lots of time driving kids to and from sporting events would prefer homemade or household gifts.

Wine lovers like homemade gifts and gifts they can eat!

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If you still need some more ideas and inspiration, here’s what some other polls had to say …

Gift Cards

If the mom you’re celebrating has a new baby, a gift card is the way to go. In fact, 87% of newborn moms said that’s what they want in a second study, completed by buygiftcards.com.

In fact, gift cards are a top choice for the majority of moms (65%) even if they don’t have a baby. When it came to what the gift card was for, moms preferred ones for online retailers, big box stores, coffee, clothing, and beauty treatments.


In another OnePoll study commissioned by Mattress Firm, 43% of moms said they just want to stay in bed this Mother’s Day! That’s right, it turns out there is a large group of ladies who just want one night of uninterrupted sleep.

And it isn’t just for their own benefit. 64% of moms said that they would be better parents if they could just get better sleep at night!


That same study also asked what was keeping parents up at night. Because the survey was done in 2021, many of the responses were pandemic related.

  1. My kid(s) being home during the day for remote learning
  2. Working from home
  3. The pandemic
  4. Not having childcare
  5. General stress

What I Think Most Mothers Would Love To Get

According to the surveys, people are going to spend about $186 on Mother’s Day this year. While there are a few things I’d like such as a bath pillow (appx. $15), that Turkish bath towel I saw at Homesense (appx $15), or another “wood with plastic bottom” planter from Lee Valley (appx $55), I can’t think of $186 dollars worth of stuff.

But I can think of some priceless things … things that I believe most mothers want.

  1. A long bath without being bugged by anyone.
  2. Getting to really sleep in, then doing nothing for the rest of the day – no cleaning, no cooking.
  3. For mothers with older kids and grandchildren – just spending time with their kids and grandkids is very special. So, if you live near your mom, just go see her! Skype or Facetime if you live far away!
  4. I’d like someone to weed my garden but my children are too young for that!

Happy Mother’s Day!