What People Really Want From A Secret Santa

It's Secret Santa time!

Secret Santa- A tradition that some like, other’s dread at the office.  There’s usually a spending limit which makes it difficult not to mention if you pull a name of someone that you don’t know that well… So a new survey looked into what people actually WANT to get.

And the answer is . . . BOOZE.  Alcohol was the #1 thing people said they want from their Secret Santa.


Here are the top ten . . .

1.  Alcohol.

2.  Chocolate.

3.  A gift card.

4.  A book.

5.  Candles.

6.  Money.  So just stuff $25 in an envelope and be done with it.

7.  Candy.  So chocolate and other types of candy BOTH made the list.

8.  Socks.

9.  Perfume or cologne.  For 20 or 30 bucks though, it might smell like feet.

10.  Bubble bath.

A few more that made the top 25 are stationary . . . a plant . . . some make-up . . . clothing . . . a board game . . . and a donation to charity in their name.