What “The Average Male” Rates Himself On A Scale From 1 To 10…

Men care just as much about their appearance as women...

The study kicked off with a look into how men felt about the way they looked. They were asked to agree or disagree with a few statements about body positivity, which then was compared by age. The study also created an average ideal height and weight based on respondents’ answers regarding their ideal heights and weights.



  • 41.9% of men are happy with how they look, while 58.1% of men aren’t happy with their appearance.
  • On average, men rate their attractiveness a 5.9 on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being extremely attractive. 37.1% of men rate their attractiveness below the average.


  • 34% of men experience negative mental health due to their body image.


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The average ideal male height and weight, according to respondents, was 6 feet tall and 168.3 pounds. For most, this was taller than their own height, and even more, it was lower than their own weight. In other words, most men wanted to be taller and slimmer. There did seem to be hope in ageing, however, as the oldest respondents we spoke to were also the happiest with the way they looked.



The average man would rate themselves a 5.9 on their attractiveness scale. While these numbers were likely to wobble with age and with weight, men of all heights seemed equally capable of finding themselves attractive. Nearly as many men who were 5 feet, 6 inches tall or under found themselves attractive as those 6 feet tall and above. 



But when weight gain occurred, men’s self-image started to plummet. Heavier respondents were much less likely than others to feel that they were attractive. While age made people feel less attractive, remember that it also made respondents feel happier with – and perhaps more accepting of – the way they looked.


The Top 5 superhero that men want to look like:

  1. Captain America
    2. Batman
    3. Thor
    4. Superman
    5. Wolverine 



Top 5 physical Aspects men feel attract Women to Superheros

  1. Abs
    2. Chest
    3. Biceps
    4. Jawline
    5. Butt



Top 5 Male Insecurities 

  1. Weight
    2. Muscle definition
    3. Abs
    4. Teeth
    5. Hair