It’s been a little nutty lately!

A company in Texas that supplies nuts for airlines have more than 87,000 pounds of nuts and no idea what to do with them.


GNS Foods, the company that supplies American Airlines with those little bags of nuts is trying to figure out how to off-load them after COVID-19 forced carriers to stop serving the first-class perks.

GNS opened a retail store at its factory and started peddling nuts online in hopes of getting rid of them at their wholesale price, even though the company took the effort to roast, salt, and package the nuts.  The company still has about 70,000 bags that weigh 1.25 pounds per unit.


GNS Foods is selling both a “first-class nut” mix and an Aloha blend, which used to be provided on flights to Hawaii.


Small suppliers such as GNS Foods, with about 20 employees, are an overlooked casualty as the airline industry fights for survival.