What We Slightly Judge Others For!

We can all be a little judgy at times!

Thanks to another Reddit feed, people were asked, “What is something you silently judge others for?”

Here are the top responses!

Hyping themselves up too much. Saying things like, ‘That wouldn’t fly with me, everyone knows not to mess with me,’ or, ‘people look up to me or ‘I’ll have your back until you cross me.’ 

Watching videos at full volume in public!


When people bag their dog’s poop, but just leave it (like hanging from a tree branch or something)

When people leave their paper coffee cups on a random shelf in Walmart

Being obliviously in the way. Like, getting to the end of an escalator and just standing there. Or, standing with a group of people in a doorway or aisle. Or, stopping to stare at your phone in the middle of the sidewalk.

People who keep their dogs on chains outside 24/7

People talking to someone on the phone in a store on speaker!

Leaving the bathroom without washing your hands

Parents swearing at their kids in public

People who leave their carts in the middle of the parking lot

People who leave their trash on the table at fast food places or a food court.

When a parent gives a kid a ‘unique’ name

Bing nasty to service workers