What Would Make Us Drink More Water

It's such an effort!

According to a new survey, the average person drinks less water than they should…

The poll found that the average person will drink about five glasses of water a day, in comparison to the recommended eight!

Gen Z respondents surveyed drink the lowest amount of water, consuming an average of four cups per day. In comparison, millennials surveyed drink five cups, while both Gen X and baby boomers surveyed drink six.

Following water, the next most consumed drinks throughout the day include sparkling water, flavoured water and coffee.

The survey found that seven in 10 respondents said they would drink more water if it tasted better…

To make water more interesting to the palate, the majority of respondents get creative by adding infusions like flavours and fruits to their water.

Blueberry, lime, and strawberry came out on top as the best flavours to add to a glass of water. 

According to the results, seven in 10 are now prioritizing low-sugar and low-calorie options when choosing their beverages…


The survey, which also uncovered the personality differences between those who prefer still water and those who prefer sparkling water, found people who like still water reported feeling healthier than those who prefer sparkling water.

Also, still-water drinkers reported being happier compared to sparkling water drinkers.

What type of water you prefer may say something about your sleeping habits, too — those who stay up late tend to like sparkling water, while those who like still water wake up earlier.

When it comes to music, still-water fans like rock, while sparkling-water fans prefer hip-hop.

For TV, both groups enjoy comedy shows. But, they have different least favourite types — fantasy is the least favoured genre among still water fans, while sparkling water fans aren’t into supernatural shows.


  • Blueberry – 35%
  • Lime – 31%
  • Strawberry – 29%
  • Lemon – 26%
  • Mango – 20%
  • Raspberry – 10%