What Would You Do To Look Ageless? Eat Cat Poop?

Kim Kardashian would!

Kim Kardashian would eat cat poop!  How far would you go to slow the ageing process? Kim K recently revealed that she would eat cat poop if it meant that she wouldn’t age.

It’s no secret that most women want to maintain their youthful looks – just watch a commercial break on TV and you’ll be inundated with promotions for the latest anti-ageing cream. 

And the pressure to show zero signs of the passing of time starts early. Over on TikTok, you’ll spy many a 20-something applying face tape for an instant lift, or espousing the benefits of preventative Botox.

Why Is It That Women Of All Ages Are On Such An Intense Mission To Look, Young?

While we may blame this on social media and the birth of the “selfie generation,” but according to an aesthetics doc, the need and want to look younger has been around since ancient times.

‘Basic techniques like derma-planing and acid peels were used by Cleopatra and ever since we’ve had the means to create tools people have risked their lives with infection and unbearable pain or death to have barbaric surgery to improve facial appearance and turn back the clock.’

It’s tempting to blame social media and celebrities for upholding standards around ageing, but Dr. Lubna believes that wanting to look younger and ‘better’ is ‘hardwired in us as humans’. She affirmed: ‘Beauty is hardwired in our brain.’

Beauty is largely associated with youth and so to age is to become ugly… Also, society tends to treat older people with less value…

‘The message women receive throughout their lives is to age is to become worthless. And this is why women try to halt the process.’

‘Ageing is inevitable, and if you link youth with beauty, you will only see yourself as unattractive as you age.’