What You Did At Age 10 Vs What Your Kids Do At The Same Age!

Oh, how times have changed!

A survey asked 1000 parents if they allowed their kids to do 5 things that they did as kids and her are the results!  This survey was based on the age of 10.


Home Alone

53% of parents said that they stayed home alone for an hour or two when they were 10- but only 36% of those parents saids its ok to leave their kids home alone.


Walk or bike to school


68% of parents said that they used to walk or ride their bikes to school-but only 43% of those parents let their kids do it today.


Play at the park on their own

51% of parents said they did it as a kid- But on 26% of parents said that they would allow their 10 year old to play with friends alone at the park


Play in the yard alone

91% of parents use to play outside their house- 78% of parents says that ok for their kids today


Trick or treating

44% of parents used to go out with friends unsupervised at Halloween verses today’s kids.  Only 24% of kids are allowed today…

The survey also found that only 60% of kids like to play outside these days with only 1 out of 10 says its their favourite pastime activity!   The #1 activity that kids enjoy today- Video games!