Where Should We Store Eggs?

This debate is leaving people's brains scrambled on what to do!

Did you know that UK shoppers will find the eggs on a supermarket shelf-often hidden amongst the baking items?

But, on the other side of the Atlantic in North America, eggs are found in a fridge!

There’s a UK chef explaining why you shouldn’t keep eggs in the fridge.

Celebrity chef James Martin explains that ‘all eggs are porous’, which is the reason ‘why you never put eggs in the fridge’ – the eggs end up ‘absorbing all the flavours from the fridge’ due to the texture of the shell.

However, James isn’t right…

Actual egg-perts say, ’Best practice is to store eggs in the fridge; that way the temperature is always at a constant and your eggs will be fresher!’

They say that, ‘for optimum quality and safety, you want to make sure your eggs are kept at a steady temperature below 20°C.’

So technically, if you have somewhere cool enough – that’s not the fridge – that’s okay too.

Weirdly, you can also freeze eggs. Just make sure that you beat the egg together before freezing and definitely don’t try and freeze a shelled egg,’ said the experts.