Which NHL Fans Drink The Most?

Is this our year?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for hockey fans! Pre-games start up this weekend!  

There’s nothing quite like sharing some ice-cold brews with your pals as you take in a game from your favourite NHL team. 

time2play.com wanted to find out where and who are the NHL’s thirstiest fans…A survey of hockey fans across the US and Canada set out to find out about their drinking habits from puck drop to the final buzzer…

It’s no surprise that Toronto Maple Leaf fans drink the most.  Toronto fans guzzle an average of 3.9 alcoholic beverages per game… That’s nearly twice the number of drinks consumed by their arch-rivals, the Montreal Canadiens…

In at number two, Chicago Blackhawks fans knock back 3.8 drinks per game.

The Tampa Bay Lightning and Colorado Avalanche tied for third place with their fans each putting away 3.7 drinks during game time.