Who Is The Best Batman?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the best Batman of them all?

With “The Batman” soaring into theatres, a study conducted by StudyFinds.org aimed to find out which actor the public thought was the best-caped crusader.


OnePoll asked 1,000 respondents to narrow it down to their top three picks, and the top honour went to Ben Affleck.


According to the poll, one in three people believes he is the best on-screen Batman, edging out Michael Keaton by 1%. A total of 30% think Keaton is the Dark Knight who got it right.


George Clooney’s 1997 attempt was less favourable with 23%, while the “worst” title was given to Will Arnett’s comedic portrayal in the animated “The LEGO Movie” and “The LEGO Batman Movie.”


Other Batman’s in the running included Kevin Conroy – 28%, Christian Bale – 26%, and Adam West – 25%.


Of course, every Batman fan knows that the superhero’s alter-ego requires a different attitude, so the poll also sought to find the best Bruce Wayne. Kevin Conroy took the lead at 34% followed by Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton tied at 33%.


Age played a role in the votes as Gen Z and Millennials gravitated more towards Affleck whereas Gen Xers were more impressed by Keaton.


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The cape and cowl have been passed on to Robert Pattison, and 58% of respondents believe he’ll do a better-than-average job. One in four think that he’s on track to becoming the best Batman.


As for the best Batman villain, fans seemed in agreement that the honour went to the Joker. Penguin and Riddler snagged the second and third spot, respectively, with 19%, followed by Catwoman – 17%, Harley Quinn – 16%, and Two-Face – 14%.