Who wants a pair of Floating Pants!

These pants will for sure float your boat!

You want to be the talk of the pool party!  Buy a pair of these babies…

They come in different styles too…From “AB Man” to Sexy Thong- Guaranteed to keep the party a float all day long!

Here’s the description from Amazon!

• Floaty Pants™ are the ideal hands-free flotation device! Just step in, buckle up and prepare to relax. Sit back in the water without treading or holding on and proceed to enjoy the conversation, play your favorite game or sip on your favorite beverage.
• Soft, water resistant nylon fabric covering
• Stuffed with super floaty and water-resistant EPE foam
• Neoprene crotch to increase comfort and reduce chaffing
• Designed for adults 100 lbs – 180+ lbs

Available on Amazon for $39.99 and at  Aqua Lilypad