Why Avril Lavigne can’t live without Dr. Martens and Labatt Blue

The 'Love Sux' legend revealed her list of everyday essentials

The artist who recently debuted her seventh studio album, Love Sux, let us in on a handful of items she absolutely cannot live without. Beyond what Lavigne carries in her bag, the singer took time to highlight her life essentials.


Avril’s number one item she cannot live without comes as no surprise but is also an instant classic. 


Avril swears by her Dr. Martens. “I’ve been wearing Docs for about the past 25 years. I have them in almost every colour and every style,” explained Lavigne. “My collection takes up an entire wall of my closet. They’re the most comfortable shoes, and they’re just cool.”


Currently, the “Complicated” icon has been wearing Dr. Martens 1460 Pascal Max Leather Platform Boots.


However, when it comes to her food and drink faves, Lavigne will never give up her Labatt Blue Canadian Pilsners. “I’m Canadian and a beer girl. I love doing keg stands,” said the rocker. “And Canadian beer just tastes totally different from American beers. I don’t know why, I just like it more… I’m opening my fridge right now to look at my Labatt Blues.”


While sipping on a Labatt Blue, Avril will often indulge in Tostitos’ salsa con queso. Maintaining health is crucial for the artist, especially when preserving her voice. Avril uses Traditional Medicinal’s organic throat coat lemon Echinacea herbal tea to keep “my voice clear and from getting dry.” She continued, “It helps me perform my best. When I’m in the studio, I bring a thermos filled with this. 


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As Lavigne concluded her list of essentials the artist took time to highlight her Love Sux Hoodie-and-CD boxed set. “What’s cool about this box is that it comes with a physical CD in it. 


Because I’m an artist who came on the scene 20 years ago, 35 percent of my sales are still physical — I just learned this about myself. It makes sense because Let Go was physical only,” Avril noted.


You can see Avril on April 30th when her tour stops in Orillia at Casino Rama! 


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