Why Cougars Really Like Younger Men!

Age is just a number!

What do Priyanka and Nick, Gabrielle and Dwayne, and Kim and Pete all have in common? They’re 10 or more years apart in age – and the women are older!


Older women dating younger men is still very much considered taboo. 

Cougar Life, the Canadian-based dating site designed to empower women, surveyed Americans* on their attitudes toward female-led age gap relationships and learned that while these types of pairings are generally accepted in the U.S., women are surprisingly more disapproving of them than men.

A recent poll found that 65% of men somewhat or strongly agree that it is socially acceptable for older women to date younger men.

That is, to date someone 10 or more years younger than them. 

It also revealed that 70% of women are accepting of male-led age gap relationships, yet that number drops to 56% when the gap is female-led. 

Further, while 60% of unmarried men would be open to dating someone 10+ years older than them, only 40% of unmarried women would be open to dating someone 10+ years younger. 

This raises the question: Why are women less accepting?

Because women are more insecure and see older women dating younger men as a threat!

They’re worried that their older counterparts will go after the men they would like to date themselves. Or, if they believe that those who date younger men are only looking for sex, they could see this as threatening their own ability to find an emotionally invested partner or keep their current partner from straying.

In reality, however, the data suggests that these relationships are often formed just like any other. 

More than four in 10 respondents who have been in a heterosexual female-led age gap relationship say they simply experienced an organic connection with someone and didn’t let an age difference interfere. 

Another common reason why older woman/younger man relationships are formed is their ability to allow those within them to live in the moment and focus on having fun.