Why Dads Do The Things They Do!

Dad's are the best!

Dads are fun, aren’t they! As we get ready to celebrate the fun-lovely, falling asleep on the couch man in your life, here are some questions we had about dad! While every father figure is unique, all dads seem to have similar character traits, to which we ask-why?

Why dad, Why?

Why do Dad’s sneeze so loud -For what reason?

Why do dads always shake their handful of peanuts/m&m’s etc before popping them in their mouth?

Why do dads think they can out smart a gps?

Why do all dads sleep on the couch once they sit down?

Why do dad’s take grilling so seriously?

Why do dads always answer the phone saying “yello”?

Why do dad’s turn the radio off when looking for a parking spot?

Why do dad’s think it’s funny to slow down the car when you tell them you have to pee?

Why do all dads rub and then pat their belly after eating a big meal?

Why do dads love wearing Hard Rock Cafe and Harley Davidson shirts?