Why Do Dogs Spin In Circles Before They Poop!

Did you ever wonder why your dogs spins in circles before pooping?

There are several different theories about why dogs do this act when going to use the bathroom. Let’s start with one of the more unusual possible causes:

Your Dog Is Aligning With The Earth’s Magnetic Field

There could be some science behind your dog’s odd, but perfectly normal behaviour.   A 2014 study suggested that dogs who spin in circles before pooping are trying to align themselves with the Earth’s magnetic field. The belief is the dog is trying to be in line with a north-south axis. The study included 70 dogs who openly avoided defecating on an east-west axis.

Your Dog Is Finding The Best Spot

Don’t overthink this, because your dog is probably doing enough contemplating for the both of you. The American Kennel Club says that dogs spinning in circles before they poop is similar to what many of them do before finding a place to lie down. Finding the “best spot” might not always mean the most comfortable. The AKC says this can be traced back to dogs being in the wild and checking the ground for potential predators or disturbances.

Your Dog Is Trying To Keep Things Moving

And by “things,” we’re not talking about the daily routine of going outside to start the day. This is all about digestion. Canine Journal believes the movement stimulates the intestines to keep the poop moving right on out. The spinning may increase or become more aggressive if the dog is having trouble going. Consider checking in with your vet if you feel this is the case.