Why People Are Becoming Less Attractive

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According to experts, humans are getting uglier and it’s got nothing to do with aging.

A Facial Analyst explains the phenomenon in response to a question about why old high-school yearbooks “contained [so] many attractive people… was it something in the water?

He explains in a clip posted to TikTok, “The average person’s face is becoming increasingly disadvantaged by modern diets, sleeping patterns, pollutants and orofacial habits creating a greater inequality in ‘the attractives’ vs ‘the unattractives’.”


“Ugly” Features That Are Actually Attractive

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To further explain this, he and his colleagues used what’s known as the functional matrix hypotheses.

He explained, in simple terms, that the functional matrix hypothesis means that “development of the face is dependent on the forces you put on it, for the upper and lower jaw,” which is what tends to define an “attractive or handsome” face.

His hypothesis suggests that how we are using our mouths — and the foods we put in them — can impact the development of our jaws.

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