Why Popping Pimples Is So Satisfying and Addictive!

This may explain why Dr. Pimple Popper is such a popular show!

Dermatologists will always tell us not to pop our zits, but for the poppers amongst us, this knowledge won’t prevent us from pricking, prodding and poking our faces.



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So, why is it so satisfactory and addictive?


According to a Dermatologist, ’It’s very common that people find the experience addictive.’  He says, ‘this is due to the dopamine released after popping a pimple. Dopamine is a happy hormone and after popping zits, some people experience the sensation of pleasure and relief. ‘It is also highly satisfying for many knowing they have accomplished squeezing the spot. It’s like they have fixed a problem.’


However, Dermatologists do warn us not to try extracting zits on our own as it can and will make skin problems worse.