Why We Have Shower Thoughts!

Scientists have figured out why we get great ideas while we wash ourselves!

Did you ever notice that some of your best thoughts or ideas come while showering?

It can seem like a strange place to have great ideas, but researchers say “shower thoughts” are pretty common. So, why do so many people get a spark of creativity while washing up?

The study finds that simply doing something that’s truly boring when our minds are working moderately can provoke great thoughts!

Researchers at the University of Virginia found we tend to be more creative when our mind wanders, but it can’t wander too much.  So something like showering is perfect, because it’s a fairly mindless activity, but not brainless.

An extreme example would be watching paint dry.  They say something like that is too dull to spark creativity.  But everyday tasks like showering or going for a walk let your mind wander the perfect amount.

That study found that the brain tends to wander when people perform “undemanding” tasks. When that happens, creativity starts to flow.

The less you think, the better the thought!