Why You May Feel More Tired In The Autumn According to Sleep Experts

It’s 6am. Your alarm goes off, but it’s still dark outside!

Until we change the clocks in November, our bodies will need to adjust to the darker mornings…

It’s not like we’re getting less sleep in, it’s the mostly gloomy Fall mornings that make it much harder to wake up, fend off the exhaustion and feel alert for the rest of the day…

So what’s going on?

According to a sleep expert, our biology is working against us.

In autumn it gets darker in the evening, which means melatonin (the sleep hormone) is produced earlier and makes us feel sleepy…

It is also darker in the mornings which keeps our melatonin levels high, meaning that we feel sleepy throughout the day.

Natural light makes you feel more awake and signals to your internal body clock that it’s time to wake up and stop producing melatonin.

If you’re struggling to get up in the morning, Lisa suggests positioning your alarm far away, using a sunrise alarm (one that gets brighter to wake you up), putting the lights on soon after you wake up, and having a cold shower.

All of these things can make us feel more alert and help if our bodies feel out of sync with the time of day.

Open your curtains so that as soon as it starts to get lighter you will feel the benefits. Consider using light box therapy if you do struggle.