Will Smith understands if people don’t want to see his new movie “Emancipation”

After what happened at the Oscars, Will Smith understands if people don't want to see his new movie "Emancipation". But he hopes that his actions don't "penalize" everyone else who worked on the film.

Last year, Will Smith Won The Best Actor award at the Oscars for his performance in “King Richard.”  But garnered more attention that night for slapping Chris Rock after he poked fun onstage at Jada, Will’s wife.

As a result of Will’s actions last year, he was banned from attending the Oscars for the next decade ― even though it’s possible he could be nominated and even win an award.

This is a shame because Will’s latest movie is already getting Oscar buzz! Will’s new movie “Emancipation” opens in theatres on December 2nd before streaming on Apple TV a week later. 

“I completely understand that if someone is not ready, I would absolutely respect that and allow them their space to not be ready,” Smith told film critic Kevin McCarthy in an interview clip posted on social media.

Smith said that he hopes the reaction to the slap doesn’t affect the film’s chances of success or the award opportunities for the other people who worked on the film.