Will Smith Wanted A Bunch Of Women To Travel The World With

He is truly living the dream!

WILL SMITH says his relationship with JADA PINKETT SMITH has evolved past monogamy. But, “We have given each other trust and freedom . . . marriage for us can’t be a prison.”



Will declared in an interview with GQ that part of his successful 23-year marriage to Jada is honesty!  He worked with a life coach who taught him to be open about his fantasies.

Smith admitted that he at one time wanted to travel with 20 women that he loved and he would take care of all of them.  Halle Berry and famous ballerina Misty Copland were on his list. 



Jada appeared to be on board at the time as Will reveals that “Jada never believed in a conventional marriage.” 



The GQ issue will be out in November!