Will Taylor Swift Be At Super Bowl 58? It’s 50/50

If anyone can pull this off, it's Taylor!

Taylor Swift’s team (AKA the Kansas City Chiefs) are inching closer to their second consecutive Super Bowl appearance, but the question lingers —would Swift be able to make the big game despite her demanding Eras Tour schedule should they advance?

The Kansas City Chiefs are one win away from making it to Super Bowl LVIII as they ready to take on the Baltimore Ravens in their sixth consecutive AFC Championship game this Sunday, January 28. According to Swift’s tour schedule, it appears she’ll be at Sunday’s game, but should the Chiefs advance, supporting her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, in person at the big game appears to get a little more complicated.

CBS so graciously did the math for us all after recognizing Swift has a performance in Tokyo the Saturday before the Super Bowl. With Swift scheduled to take the stage at 6PM JST and the Super Bowl set to kick off Sunday, February 11 at 6PM EST, Swift technically could make it (thank you, time zones), however with the amount of love, effort, and energy Swift puts into her shows, it doesn’t necessarily mean she should.

Taylor told Time Magazine that she stays in bed for days and only gets up to get food following her performances…

With a (hypothetical) projected arrival time in Las Vegas around 8-10PM on Saturday, Swift would have less than 24 hours to recover from not only her performances but also some crazy jet lag. So what do we think, will Swift seize the moment and show up in person, or watch the Super Bowl from her couch like the majority of America? Guess we should find out if the Chiefs actually make the Super Bowl first…