Woman Slips On Prosciutto And Sues Eatery

Clearly the prosciutto hadn't ages and dried properly...

Alice Cohen was visiting Eataly in Boston at the Prudential Center food hall last year. That’s where she stepped and slipped on a piece of prosciutto. She ended up breaking her ankle. Alice ended up filing a lawsuit to the Suffolk Superior Court. She’s hoping to get about $50,000 for damages done, according to NBC Boston.

Cohen in the lawsuit claimed she had accrued about $7,500 in medical bills. That also includes doctor visits, hospital bills and her physical therapy costs.

Her lawyer told NBC Boston that because of her injury, she has “a loss of enjoyment of life” and “great pain and suffering.” They’re claiming that Eataly in Boston should have never allowed something like this to happen.

Alice and her lawyers believe that Eataly should have made sure the floors are constantly cleaned. If someone drops something by accident, they should be there immediately to pick up the food item dropped. This in return would cause fewer accidents like hers and make the eating indoor market a safe place to do.

But Wait! There’s More!

Not only is Alice suffering. Her husband, Ronald Cohen, is also mentioned in the lawsuit. Ronald is said to have suffered from the loss of companionship with his wife. Her broken ankle has stopped them from comforting each other, servicing each other and more.