Woman Sues Kellogg’s, Says Strawberry Pop-Tarts Don’t Have Enough Berries

This is berry ridiculous!

A woman from New York has launched a lawsuit claiming that the breakfast pastry from Kellogg’s, the strawberry pop-tarts doesn’t have enough filling.


The food corporation is being sued in a new class-action suit, according to TMZ, over claims that they’re misleading buyers about what’s in the pastry.


The suit claims that the sweet filling of the breakfast item is filled with pears and apples more so than strawberries.


The Lady is urging Pop-Tarts to adopt more accurate labeling and is claiming damages that exceed $5 million…


Let’s be real, does anyone really look at the label on a box of Pop-Tarts?  I think most of us are scared to read this label!



Pop-Tarts first came out in 1963 with strawberry being one of the original flavours, alongside blueberry, brown sugar cinnamon and apple currant.