Worst Spouse Jobs EVER!

Jobs that people give people the Ick…

Recently, A user on Reddit asked people to share what jobs would be a turnoff for them…

Here are the gigs that would be deal breakers when looking for a potential partner!

“Any careers that would have them away for long periods, like flight attendants or long-haul truckers.”

“Politicians. Their professional and personal lives WILL get mixed up. You’ll be forced to attend public events to up their public image and show the world that they are a normal person. The worst part is, if they say something stupid in a speech or press conference, you’ll be known as the bigger idiot for marrying someone that dumb.”

“Royalty falls under this umbrella. Disney tells us it is a fairy tale to marry a prince, but then you have to live a strictly regimented life under a microscope and wear pantyhose every single day. No, thank you.”

“Debt collector. Scum of the earth.”

“‘Influencer.’ First of all, they influence nothing and are sheep following the crowds. Second, I believe in living in the moment, can’t stand the thought of cameras everywhere all the time, and I wouldn’t want to be part of their stupid, mindless meme videos. There are already enough cameras recording everywhere — why would I voluntarily invite more?”

“People say that lawyers are rough to be married to, especially in the early years, when you’re doing tons of overtime.”

“Embalmer” Hard NO”

Writers…If they write about sexy situations, is that about an ex?

Based on the hours… Doctor, police officer and restaurant/service industry!

Also making the list of worst jobs that your spouse could have include, Military, zookeeper and parking inspector…

What about a Radio host???? How would you feel about being the topic or brunt of the joke daily? LOL!