Yellow Pages Perfume Is Now A Thing!

Because everyone should have a signature scent!

There’s a British company called Yell, that’s an online directory similar to the phone book, and they’re in the process of developing a perfume that smells like the Yellow Pages. 

They say that it’s a “timeless and familiar scent,” and it’s been created to “transport the mind and the senses back to the past”, when we used to experience the joy of carrying around five-pound phone books.

More specifically, they say the fragrance has notes of bergamot and lemon, followed by the rich, woody scents of cedar and musk, with sweet vanilla.

This seems like a joke, but they ARE making this available.  The perfume will be called “Eau de Yellow Pages,” and they’re planning on doing a “limited run” later this year.  For now, it’s unclear when and where you’d be able to get it.


The Yellow Pages was printed and showed up at everyone’s doorstep for 53 years!

Over one million tonnes of paper were used to produce the Yellow Pages – putting out nearly one billion copies and virtually one trillion pages over many years of its print production.

Many people have bibliomania…This is the enjoyment experienced from the smell of a book. 

Bibliosmia refers to the enticing scent experienced when opening up a book and is created by the chemical breakdown of compounds within the paper.

This product is still in the testing phase…