You Are What You Drink!

Always drink responsibility!

Research Reveals What Your Favourite Wine Says About Your Personality!

If you enjoy spending time on your own, you are more likely to enjoy red wine, according to new research.

A new study of those who regularly enjoy wine looked at the personality differences based on respondents’ favourite style of wine and found that those who enjoy red wine said they’re introverts, while respondents who enjoy sparkling wine, are the most likely to be outgoing, identifying as extroverts.

FUN FACT: The study found that we drink five classes a week on average!

Rose Drinkers! You are the happy medium!  Sparkling Wine/Red Wine drinkers! You are likely to be “quiet observers” are parties…

Rosé drinkers are the “party planners” of the group and enjoyers of white wine said they can be found taking pictures or being the life of the party.

Interestingly, those who like white wine also said they’re “indoor people”, while red wine drinkers enjoy the outdoors.

This may also be why red wine drinkers are also likeliest to be early birds, and those who prefer rosé and white wine are night owls.

Thinking about their pets, those who prefer sparkling wine and red wine are likelier to be dog people, while rosé and white wine drinkers are cat people.

Among consuming wine, respondents also spend apt time on social media (87%) and make time to watch shows or movies on TV (86%).

Wine drinkers’ are creative, with some of their favourite hobbies including writing (47%) and drawing (36%).

Many are also athletic, enjoying playing (38%) or watching (20%) sports like football (16%) or basketball (13%).

Sparkling and red wine drinkers also have a knack for living on the edge, being more inclined to get a tattoo (70%, each).